November 27, 2015


I walked through paths, 
Searching for my other part.

Searched the earth,
Looked up to the sky
Searched the eyes on the streets,
I saw you not...

But lo and behold! 
Somewhere on the earth,
With you,
I found that which I sought 
Alas! My search was over!

You are my other part,
The one I searched for,
In your eyes, I see joy
In your arms, I gain confidence 
Within or without your reach,
I am secured from all my fears.

And now,
Walking through the same paths, 
With you by my side,
I don't recall walking through them alone
In search for you,
Cos it feels like I've known you forever...
Forever! my darling!!

Read Psalm 24

 Been trying to come up with something like this, y'all... Stay blessed ❤️

November 19, 2015

'Big Bold Beautiful'

Looking into the mirror,
I see it, but I pretend not to.
Looking into the mirror,
I see it, alongside other things.
Not that I hate it,
But the other things I dislike.

Walking through the streets,
Their constant stares remind me;
I saw it in the mirror, 
alongside other things, which I dislike.
Then I say to myself;
What if they're looking and talking
About that which I dislike?

Then I console myself;
"It's not that bad,
That which is beautiful covers for it".

Then I think again;
"You are tall,
It is beautiful",
"You have curves,
It is beautiful",
"You have some weight",
Why hate it?
"You're altogether beautiful", 
So why hate part of it?

Then I remember;
Who says it is wrong 
To be Big Bold And Beautiful?
Who says you can't be what others are
And even better?

What if they're constantly staring at your beauty?
What if they see more than your beauty, but your strength?