February 14, 2016

So God created man;
He knows man in and out.
He tells us that a man's heart is desperately wicked.
The same God created Love.
He showers His own on us with no limits.
He says Love is the greatest and most important.
He commands us to love one another.

With the desperate wickedness of man's heart;
And the existence of something  beautiful, 
Something wonderful as Love,
What then could limit, remedy,
Or even put an end to the wickedness of man's heart?

How else can we cure anger, hatred and pain?

If we poured it abundantly on one another,
Such things as anger, hatred and pain
Would be missing in our dictionaries, our hearts,
And ultimately Our Lives.
If we obeyed and let it abound,
Let it rule our day, our world,
If we let it take the lead,
Will the heart of man still be referred to as Desperately Wicked?

If we let it fill our hearts,
And expressed it in words and deeds,
Will we not live eternally?

"Be completely humble, and Gentle, be patient, bearing one another in Love"
                                                              -Ephesians 4:2.

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