March 7, 2016

Our Aspirations

A few days ago, a friend of mine said "hey, I like your strength, mind and will".
I was only stunned because she was an inspiration,
She was a strength I envied,
One I longed for
Then I realized something;
We all have weaknesses and fears,
The people we look up to also look up to others,
It's only funny when the people we aspire to be like, also aspire to be like us.
But in all , 
Since life is fleeting,
We can only overcome our fears,
Address our weaknesses,
Face our problems, 
Rather than run,
Set our priorities right,
Lead meaningful lives
And head towards the right direction.
Do what we love,
And is right,
Live through pain and grief
Remain devoted to our faith,
And tomorrow,
Our dreams will come true,
And others will aspire to be like us,
And more, like them...

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