March 24, 2016

With me

If you are beside me,
Close to me,
Chances of a space are high,
Probability of asunder is high;
Something, anything can come between us.
If you are with me,
In me;
There's no coming between us,
There's no putting asunder.
It's like you are me, 
And I you.
Your mind speaks,
And mine hears.
Nothing, whatsoever can separate us,
We become one, 
Interwoven with each other; 
We form a big piece; 
An unbreakable Rock;
A shining light;
A thunderous sound.
When pushed aside,
Or carried along,
Either ways,
It's this big piece of us.
With you is what I long to be;
Where I fit in.
Be with me...

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