August 7, 2016

Hi guys...
Well this post is going to be my last post on this blog, sadly.
But...I'm packing my load and migrating to Wordpress
Feels like the train is more swift there 😉 >my own opinion though < and convinced by a special somebody 😉

I'll start by reposting most of my posts from here, so it's gonna be kind of a continuation from where I  stopped here


August 4, 2016


Let the words out
Let your mind speak,
I'm waiting to listen.
Reach for my heart
I yearn to feel 
the warmth of your soul_
To align with your euphoria 
And share in your bits of melancholy...

August 1, 2016


I am lost

Lost in my sadness

I am mad

Mad at me

At my folly

My confusion

My nonchalance 

I am mad at my mistakes,

The ones that reoccur.

I hate my fears,

I'm fighting to be strong

To conceal my fears

Fighting wounds me_

I am bleeding.

'Not fighting' eats up the better part of me.

What am I to do?