November 27, 2015


I walked through paths, 
Searching for my other part.

Searched the earth,
Looked up to the sky
Searched the eyes on the streets,
I saw you not...

But lo and behold! 
Somewhere on the earth,
With you,
I found that which I sought 
Alas! My search was over!

You are my other part,
The one I searched for,
In your eyes, I see joy
In your arms, I gain confidence 
Within or without your reach,
I am secured from all my fears.

And now,
Walking through the same paths, 
With you by my side,
I don't recall walking through them alone
In search for you,
Cos it feels like I've known you forever...
Forever! my darling!!

Read Psalm 24

 Been trying to come up with something like this, y'all... Stay blessed ❤️

November 19, 2015

'Big Bold Beautiful'

Looking into the mirror,
I see it, but I pretend not to.
Looking into the mirror,
I see it, alongside other things.
Not that I hate it,
But the other things I dislike.

Walking through the streets,
Their constant stares remind me;
I saw it in the mirror, 
alongside other things, which I dislike.
Then I say to myself;
What if they're looking and talking
About that which I dislike?

Then I console myself;
"It's not that bad,
That which is beautiful covers for it".

Then I think again;
"You are tall,
It is beautiful",
"You have curves,
It is beautiful",
"You have some weight",
Why hate it?
"You're altogether beautiful", 
So why hate part of it?

Then I remember;
Who says it is wrong 
To be Big Bold And Beautiful?
Who says you can't be what others are
And even better?

What if they're constantly staring at your beauty?
What if they see more than your beauty, but your strength?

September 19, 2015


What is Forgiveness?
Forgiveness doesn’t exactly mean forgetting. It implies not feeling angry or bad about past offenses committed against you, when remembered. It also means you’re no longer angry with the person who offended you. Sometimes, people offend you, and your relationship with them may change, that’s normal, but if you meet the person and refuse to greet them, or accept their greetings, then you’ve not forgiven.
Now, unforgiveness is a direct opposite of forgiveness. It goes with anger. You refuse to forgive someone, you’ll get angry when you see the person. That’s unhealthy.

What does the Bible say about forgiveness?
The Bible, in Matthew 6:14-15, says that we should forgive others so that our heavenly Father will forgive us, and if we don’t, He would   forgive us.
Now, how do you live in agreement with God when he has not forgiven us? For the eyes of God cannot behold sin.
It would suffice to say that according to the passage, one way to ask for forgiveness from God is to first forgive others. So, basically, we have to forgive in order to be forgiven.
The bible also goes on, in Ephesians 4:26, to urge that "let the sun not go down while you are angry". This clearly means that our anger should not exist for as long as a day.

Also, in Ephesians 4:31 &32, we are urged to take the example of God in forgiving others, as He forgave us.
And according to 1John 4:20, if you love God, you will have no room to hate someone, else you’re a liar. Picture this; God loved the world... how did he show it? By forgiving us...what’s the evidence? He gave his only begotten son- Jesus to die for our sins.Therefore, we start to show love, when we start to forgive... forgive today, as God forgave us and still does everyday. Much Love, Y'all!

July 25, 2015

My drawing skill :) ;)

Hey guys!! I finally woke my drawing skills up... For good... I'm so happy :D #IDrawCartoonsBetter

July 24, 2015


WEIGHT WATCHERS:  ever tried adding Honey instead of Sugar to your Oatmeal or Coffee? ;) 
    Hi guys! 
I was thinking of how much I had to cut down the sugar I consume and In every way possible replace it with honey, like in tea, oatmeal, etc. in order to maintain my body weight.
Many people (including me) find the aroma of honey offensive, not offensive per se, let's say unpleasant, and wonder how to take it without perceiving the smell -very impossible. 
So, my mom and I came up with the idea that to have your oatmeal comfortably without the aroma of honey interrupting your breakfast, you could add your honey to the water before boiling it to cook your oatmeal-very simple; just add your honey, stir in the water, allow to boil for about 3-4 minutes before adding your oatmeal, then allow to cook normally...There's no way you'll ever be concerned about that unpleasant smell disturbing your breakfast.
And for Coffee... This is not about smell of honey though...
Have you noticed that when you add milk to your coffee and then honey afterwards it coagulates? Like the milk becomes small particles? (The sight itches my face) lol... Anyways, to prevent this; after adding milk to your coffee, and you're about to add honey, just continue to stir while you add the honey, until it  dissolves completely... This way, you get to comfortably have your coffee without it being in that coagulated state...

                                                                                         Thanks for reading! 

July 12, 2015


Everyone is different from one another; have different sentiments; different origins, different behaviors and characters, also, in different ways, we all fit in as friends of one another. People describe friends as some one who has your back; supports you; can be trusted with secrets and problems; go to when in need. Yeah, all these definitions are absolutely right.                                

"Show Me Your Friend, And I'll Tell You Who You Are."
Our friends are reflections of who  and what we are. They can be a medium used to measure your own character.  Sometimes, our friends are our mentors, because we develop the desire to act like them , think like them, even behave like them, this might sometimes be seen as influence. Although, like I stated earlier, people are different in different ways, but as evidence of friendship, we have something in common that creates a bond of friendship. As the saying goes; "birds of the same feather flock together". It could be in sentiments and beliefs, interests, peer groups, love (in terms of spouses), academic fields of study, neighborhood, etc.
 For instance, we notice that a person who goes around making trouble, would be associated with troublemakers. Also, a person who derives joy in making others happy, is associated with people of the same nature. In the same vein, a thief or robber would be associated with people who will rather go around stealing and robbing with him, rather than those who would condemn them.
Therefore, if someone meets you, and finds out that you're a playful, jovial and nice person, they'd expect that your friend(s) are of the same character, also if one learns you're the friend of a thief, a liar, It is only natural for him/her to be careful to believe you  or leave their things around you .
Personally, if you come to me and say "Abigail, your friend is stupid" I'd take it that I am seen as stupid as well, or if I'm told "hey, your friend is of good character" I'd take it that I'm perceived to have good character too...
 "Your friend's character, behavior, actions, should be ones we are comfortable with being identified as such".

                                                                         Thanks for reading....