March 24, 2016

With me

If you are beside me,
Close to me,
Chances of a space are high,
Probability of asunder is high;
Something, anything can come between us.
If you are with me,
In me;
There's no coming between us,
There's no putting asunder.
It's like you are me, 
And I you.
Your mind speaks,
And mine hears.
Nothing, whatsoever can separate us,
We become one, 
Interwoven with each other; 
We form a big piece; 
An unbreakable Rock;
A shining light;
A thunderous sound.
When pushed aside,
Or carried along,
Either ways,
It's this big piece of us.
With you is what I long to be;
Where I fit in.
Be with me...

March 12, 2016


Like butterflies in the belly,
They dance around my mind,
Never taking a seat,
And until I pick up my pen,
And begin scribbling,
Letting the butterflies out into the world, 
They just keep haunting,
And harder each time.

March 9, 2016

Sometimes, I long to stay indoors;
To take off all cotton and silk, 
To look like Eve at her time of creation;
To lay on my peach-colored beddings,
With my eyes fixed on the ceiling;
To be left alone,
In my own company
In order to lose myself in thought,
And then travel to my world of closed eyes and beautiful pictures
While the world goes by,
Sometimes, I long to stay indoors;
To sit upright at my table,
Lamp shining bright from above me;
Sheets of white paper bind together, 
Staring back at me;
Pen in my hand;
And my mind wandering away from within my reach;
Just scribbling deep thoughts, wishes and imaginations
While life travels far.
It's a big world out there, 
With a bunch to learn and discover,
Cherish and admire;
To make one smile;
Millions to work for,
And to gain,
But it's a big world in my head also,
Where there's more chaos than outside my room doors.
And I choose to dwell only in my abode,
Amidst the chaos within my skull;
Where cotton and silk are not needed for a cover,
And dust does not climb my feet;
Where the nudity of words is a norm;
Where wishes and fantasy lay in comfort and quiet,
Just staring at the ceiling;
Where pain is remedied.

The nature of the chaotic 'Big World' in my head,
My mind, 
My abode,
Is the kind of nature I desire;
The green pastures I hunger for;
And beside the still waters I find comfort laying my head
And just listening to.

March 7, 2016

Our Aspirations

A few days ago, a friend of mine said "hey, I like your strength, mind and will".
I was only stunned because she was an inspiration,
She was a strength I envied,
One I longed for
Then I realized something;
We all have weaknesses and fears,
The people we look up to also look up to others,
It's only funny when the people we aspire to be like, also aspire to be like us.
But in all , 
Since life is fleeting,
We can only overcome our fears,
Address our weaknesses,
Face our problems, 
Rather than run,
Set our priorities right,
Lead meaningful lives
And head towards the right direction.
Do what we love,
And is right,
Live through pain and grief
Remain devoted to our faith,
And tomorrow,
Our dreams will come true,
And others will aspire to be like us,
And more, like them...

March 6, 2016


Angels are beautiful,
They are kind,
A gift from God.
That's what you are;
My angel on earth,
My special gift from God.
I couldn't ask for a better mother,
Or another angel.
There's got to be a special heaven for you, 
A special gift for you somewhere up there,
A beautiful abode...